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Gold Seal Publisher (GSP) was founded in 2006 as a self-publishing home business with the intention of assisting first time would-be authors get their manuscripts into book form. Anyone who wants to give their poems, recipes, family tree, etc., in book form could also use this method.

GSP is the developer of a book binding machine and a plastic adhesive, staple, hinge tape method to bind your books at home. The plan for constructing the GSP Moveable Manual Binding Press and the Plastic Adhesive, Staple, Hinge Tape Binding Method are  included in the book Publish Yourself: How to Print and Bind Your Own Books At Home (currently being revised and updated).

Gold Seal Publisher evolved as the result of a family discussion regarding today’s young people buying everything while in my youth we made most things. I decided to write a few short stories that would include some of the items we built like a high-riding bicycle, a coin ring, and a kite. My intention was to stimulate young minds to utilize the resources around them. Once I completed the stories, the next question was how to get them published? I ran into what most first-time would-be authors face: the reality of the high cost of publishing with a very small percentage of return royalties – no matter how you work it. Most books run between three and five dollars to print (paperback) and that, of course, depends on the number you want printed.

Consequently, faced with this reality, I returned to the problem-solving of my youth. I was not going to invest several thousand dollars without a guarantee that I would get at least the same amount in return.  So I started to research all aspects of how books are made and whether there were any requirements for publishing a book. Six months later, I had printed and bound my first book. The book included all information required by bookstores and libraries – ISBN, BISC, Barcode, Library of Congress Control Number, etc. I entered that book in the Northern California  Publishers and Authors annual competition, and The High Rider y Otros Cuentos won the 2007 Special Innovation Book Award. Since then I have published a total of five books using the GSP Moveable Manual Binding Press which I developed.