A Matter of Honor



A Matter of Honor: an account of the first written peace agreement between three gangs in conflict in Seguin, TX
On April 9, 1993 three Seguin gangs signed a nine-point peace agreement, ending hostilities which had led to violence. On April 15, local officials endorsed the agreement and committed to an annual Seguin Peace Day on Good Friday. This is the story of how that agreement became a reality.
An article regarding the situation was published in the Seguin, Texas publication The Casablanca Revue:
                       “Seguin gang leaders sign historic Peace Agreement, community officials follow up with endorsement”
         Dr. Barrera led the Response Team that facilitated the first written peace agreement in Texas which is also believed to be the first written agreement in the United States. The Team was composed of Alphonso Rincon, Director of the Columbia Project, Detective Jimmy De La Garza of the Seguin Police Department, and Dr. Barrera, at that time a counselor with the Seguin School District. The peace agreement did not come without a price however, it came to late for 16-year-old Jeremiah Garcia who was shot and killed while on another gang’s turf.
                                      published in the Casablanca Revue, Vol 5, No. 5, Seguin, TX. 1993
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