Barrio Trophy 1960



Barrio Trophy 1960 is the second edition of the title, an account of barrio life, a barefoot football team, and the coach who took them to the school district championship.

The 1950s to 1960 was a Tom Sawyer-Huck Finn paradise Mejicano style in San Benito, Texas. It was a time when white jackets, pink carnations, and white socks in black penny-loafers were common at dances. And La Resaca that separated and joined el barrio from the rest of the community was an environmental jewel that provided a rich playground, limited to its inhabitants only by their resourcefulness and creativity. The many photographs help to tell the barrio story..

This new edition steps back in time, moving from indigenous people in Mexico to immigrants who settled South Texas. The author shares stories of his family’s journey to Texas as well as life in el barrio, El Jardin: corner stores, dances at La Villita, favorite foods, musicians, school, sports and much more. A bilingual glossary is included.


The team that won the district championship playing barefoot.

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