The High Rider y Otros Cuentos


In this first collection of seven short stories, Dr. Barrera combines fiction and historical life experience from the barrio of the 1950s and 60s. Each story contains enough information for the reader to engage in one of the projects: building a High Rider, a Kite, or a Coin Ring

The book includes both:

                           Project instructions: Step-by-step directions with pictures

                           A bilingual glossary to help readers learn Spanish words

The first High Rider Dr. Barrera built was wired, clamped, and taped. It also had a car’s steering wheel for handle bars. The only tools used were a hacksaw, screwdriver, and a pair of pliers. Surprisingly, the bike held together quite well. This second version of the High Rider is held together with metal bolts and metal screws. It has regular handle bars, a hand brake, and a bar to step up onto the bike. It required the use of an electric drill, socket wrench, screwdriver, hacksaw, pliers, and metal screws and bolts.

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